Financial Coaching

As an award-winning Financial Coach, I help you transform your money story, release money blocks, stop self-sabotaging money behaviors and create a new money legacy, so you can live a carefree life and create financial security, both now and in retirement.

I believe God created each of us with an amazing gift to share with the world. For me, my brilliance is in empowering women to make smart financial decisions. I do this by integrating a blend of personal healing, feminine and practical strategies. This is very different from what the financial services industry offers. This goes much deeper than creating a budget or spending plan. We’ll be approaching money management and creating wealth from the inside out.

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Which is why I strongly believe that in order to be powerful with your money, you need a financial coach even if you already have a financial advisor helping you with your investments. Managing your investments is only one area of personal finances.



In order to build real wealth that lasts a lifetime, you need to be successful in every area of your finances:

  • Earning your what you’re worth
  • Spending within your means and on purpose
  • Saving for various needs, goals and priorities
  • Investing wisely and according to your values
  • Giving to those you care deeply about

Financial coaching can help you with

  • Overcoming underearning issues
  • Conquering chronic debt
  • Recovering from financial setbacks
  • Stop overspending and unconscious spending
  • Eliminating negative emotions around money
  • Finding the money to save for retirement
  • Organizing your finances
  • Creating a big picture plan for your money
  • Making smart money decisions that are in alignment with your core values


These are the results you can expect from financial coaching:

  • You’ll create strong money habits that leave you feeling a lot less stressed about money.
  • You’ll feel empowered and confident around money.
  • You’ll enjoy financial peace of mind.
  • You’ll have a plan to grow your wealth.
  • You’ll have a strong plan for financial security in retirement.

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