What does journaling have to do with money?

Do you ever feel stuck when it comes to some area of your finances? Whether it’s earning more money, paying off debt, saving more for retirement or trying to get on a budget, if you’re feeling stuck, sometimes it helps to simply grab your journal, pick up a pen and write. Write down your thoughts. […]

How money blind spots rob women of wealth

Blind spots around money are the greatest enemy of wealth and financial security for women. Blind spots represent an area of resistance with money. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in certain situations around money, as many women do, and you find yourself experiencing any of the following emotions, know that you are most likely […]

Are you a Woman Who Nurtures Too Much?

Are you a Woman Who Nurtures Too Much?

Women are notorious for putting other people’s needs before their own. Some more than others. But constantly putting the wellbeing of others before your own is a classic avoidance behavior that prevents women from achieving their own potential. Especially where finances are concerned. Constantly giving away too much of your time, energy and resources leaves […]